With rules changing from year to year and the area we covered by the Regional Tourism Awards expanding in 2019, it’s understandable if you’ve got questions and this page should answer most of them. If there’s something we’ve missed, get in touch with the Awards Coordinator using our contact form.

Where do I need to be located to be eligible for the Regional Tourism Awards?

In 2019, we have four awards programs covering all six Destination Networks in NSW, and the Murray Regional Tourism area in Victoria.

You can download a map of NSW with each Destination Network and the local government areas they cover marked. Entrants need to be located within the boundaries of a Destination Network to be eligible.

Victorian businesses in the area covered by Murray Regional Tourism may enter the Regional Tourism Awards, and will be considered as part of the Country & Outback and Riverina Murray program. This includes the following local government areas: Campaspe Shire Council, City of Wodonga, Gannawarra Shire Council, Mildura Rural City Council, Moira Shire Council and Swan Hill Rural City Council.

Am I only competing against operators in my region or across the whole state?

All categories will be awarded for each of the following regions, subject to the number and quality received:

Where can I find the rules?

Our Rules & Requirements page contains information on elibility and the Rules of Entry for the Regional Tourism Awards.

Can I enter more than one category?

If you are entering more than one category, a separate and complete nomination and submission must be submitted electronically for each category. Entrants may only enter one submission in any of the following groups of categories: 

  • Tourist Attractions: Either category 1 or 2; 

  • Festivals & Events: Either category 3 or 4; 

  • Tour and Transport Operators: Either category 11 or 12; 

  • Accommodation: Enter either category 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 or 23. 

See the full list of categories here.

When do entries close?

Submissions and relevant accompanying information, including images, must be received by 5pm on Friday 24 May, 2019. Submissions received after this date will not be accepted.

How much is it to enter the Regional Tourism Awards?

All entrants are required to pay a fee of $100 per submission. The only exception is the Outstanding Contribution by an Individual category which has no fee.

Please note: Should you decide to not go ahead and enter a submission, your entry fee will be refunded (less an administration fee). If you do not advise us of your intention to withdraw by Friday 17 May 2019, you will forfeit your entire entry fee.


When will my site inspection be?

Site inspections will take place during June 2019. Entrants will be contacted to arrange a suitable date and time for the site inspection to occur, if it is a requirement for their category.

When will I get feedback on my submission?

All entrants receive feedback on their submission from the judges. This is distributed shortly after your region’s gala event so you’ll have some time to incorporate any feedback and make changes before submissions for the NSW Tourism Awards are due in mid-August.

Does my business need to be accredited or star rated before I enter the awards?

A business does not have to be accredited or star rated to enter into the awards. However, they will be expected to demonstrate they meet the specific standard. This means they will complete the QTF Level 1 questions (and Star Ratings pre-assessment where relevant) but are not required to pay for being recognised under these programs – unless they wish to.

All entrants into accommodation categories will need to complete the star ratings pre-assessment as part of the awards entry to determine a star rating. Completing the pre-assessment does not obligate you to become officially star rated but will be used as the standard for entry into the accommodation categories.

Can I enter both the Regional Tourism Awards and NSW Tourism Awards? 

Yes, we encourage all entrants to consider also entering at state level. Our entry process is aligned with the state awards to make it easier for operators to enter both.

Complete and submit your entry for the regional level (due in late May). You'll then be able to promote your entry to state level so the content is duplicated and you may simply update it for the NSW Tourism Awards and re-submit by 13 August. Find the instructions for promoting your entry to the NSW Tourism Awards here.

Entrants will receive feedback on their regional submission from the judges shortly after their region’s gala event in late July/early August.

What if I have any other questions about the Regional Tourism Awards?

Get in touch with the Awards Coordinator using our contact form.