Past Entrant Q&A with Albury Visitor Information Centre

Albury Visitor Information Centre

Albury Visitor Information Centre

We’ve quizzed some of our past entrants to see what they think of the Regional Tourism Awards. Find out their top tips for entrants, why they enter the awards and where they’ve found help along the way.

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How many times have you entered the Regional Tourism Awards? Have you also entered at state level?

The Albury Visitor Information Centre (VIC) has entered the Regional and State Tourism Awards 4 times each.

What category (or categories) have you entered?

Visitor Information Services

What reason/s did you have for entering (or continuing to enter each year)? If you’ve entered more than once, have they changed over time?

Originally the VIC wanted to be seen as a role model to local industry by entering and supporting the Awards process. Since then, entering the awards has given us the opportunity (forcing us to take the time) to critically review the VIC operations - assess what we are doing well and where we can improve. The feedback from judges is always very valuable.

Did you get help from anyone with your submission?

The first year of entering I tapped into the Murray Regional Tourism first time entry program. In subsequent years I have attended workshops.

How have you promoted your awards success?

We display our trophies, share the news on social and update our email signatures with the most current award we have.

Will you be entering in 2019? Why or why not?

I am planning to enter the awards this year however it will depend on other demands on my time.

What would you say to someone who’s considering entering the awards for the first time? Do you have any tips or advice for preparing a submission?

Although it can seem a little daunting, the process is really valuable for access your business. A few of my tips would be:

  • Set aside plenty of time to answer the questions. They seem straight forward but can be time consuming to answer.

  • Attend any of the workshops being held – great to gain insight from past judges who normally host these workshops.

  • Have fresh eyes review the submission prior to submitting. You become so close to the application that you may miss obvious things.

  • If planning to submit an entry in following years, start making notes throughout the year as things pop up. Trying to draw on your memory when it’s time to write your submission is sometimes hard.

If Albury’s advice has got you thinking more about entering, the best place to start is our How to Enter page. If you’ve got questions, head over to our FAQs or get in touch.