Past Entrant Q&A with Tania from Food I Am

Tania Sibrey (R) and Gavin King (L) from Food I Am at the 2018 Riverina Murray Regional Tourism Awards

Tania Sibrey (R) and Gavin King (L) from Food I Am at the 2018 Riverina Murray Regional Tourism Awards

We’ve quizzed some of our past entrants to see what they think of the Regional Tourism Awards. Find out their top tips for entrants, why they enter the awards and where they’ve found help along the way.

Up next is Tania Sibrey, Chief Cook, Bottlewasher & Food Explorer at Food I Am in Wagga Wagga.

How many times have you entered the Regional Tourism Awards? Have you also entered at state level?

4 times at regional level and 3 times at state level.

What category (or categories) have you entered?

Excellence in Food Tourism

What reason/s did you have for entering (or continuing to enter each year)? If you’ve entered more than once, have they changed over time?

The process of the application is a great way to benchmark your business against other business’ in the same industry. It ensures you revise documents such as business and marketing plans, targets and WHS compliance each year. This is a way of tracking your progress each year and evaluating your business. It allows you time to reflect on what you have done in the past year and what lies ahead/changes that could be made.

Did you get help from anyone with your submission?

In the past I have attended workshops, utilised the draft submission review and engaged a consultant to review our submission. I highly recommend all of these processes. The judges’ feedback from previous years has been vital for working on current submissions.

How have you promoted your awards success?

We have promoted our awards success through our website, social media platforms, media releases and proudly display our winning trophies in our venue for all to see. The awards are a great recognition of all our team’s hard work.

Will you be entering in 2019? Why or why not?

Yes, as mentioned it is a great way to track our business’s progress for the year and to plan ahead at the following year

What would you say to someone who’s considering entering the awards for the first time? Do you have any tips or advice for preparing a submission?

Start gathering your information as early as possible, even throughout the year if you are contemplating entering. Allow time to pull your submission together. Ensure you fit the criteria for the category you are entering. Have an independent person/consultant review your category. Submit it earlier than the day it is due to take the pressure off.

If Tania’s advice has got you thinking more about entering, the best place to start is our How to Enter page. If you’ve got questions, head over to our FAQs or get in touch.